produces the very best MicroGreens, PetiteGreens , Edible Flowers, and Crystallized Flowers. Located near Miami, Florida we enjoy one of the finest growing climates in the world. Year-round sunny weather is the ideal environment to produce strong, healthy, highly flavored microgreens.

When the growing cycle is complete, special care and attention in harvesting and packing results in extraordinary quality and freshness that outlasts most others. This allows for successful shipments of fresh microgreens to all parts of the country.

We pride ourselves in having the most extensive variety of MicroGreens, PetiteGreens and Edible Flowers available.  A few of our items are highlighted below.

Micro Intensity Mix™. is a highly flavorful blend of 15-20 different tiny herbs and greens. The flavor of this incredible mix is truly intense!  Its many layers of flavors, vivid colors and textures add creative dimension to any dish. The resulting aromatic experience will make your taste buds stand up and take notice!

  are the next step beyond micros.  Petites are much larger than MicroGreens and have even more flavor and durability. Like micro greens, Petites are harvested while still young and tender, but their larger size allows for building height and adding yet more, fresh flavor, textures, and color to food.  Chefs are finding tremendous culinary versatility with our PetiteGreens, adding a sophisticated touch to any entrée, including desserts.

Petite Season’s Mix™, our signature item, is a blend of several young herbs and greens with a fantastic array of colors and textures creating sensational opportunities to enhance the finest dishes.

TenderGreens™ are just right for creating very premium, upscale salads. These large leafy greens are about twice the size of our PetiteGreens, have tremendous flavor and stay firm and fluffy even after dressing is applied.  The presentation is dramatic!  Greenhouse grown and hand harvested in small batches, they are packed with careful attention to the quality, and flavor, and have an outstanding shelf-life.  Both our PetiteGreens and TenderGreens can be used to enhance and upgrade regular spring mixed lettuces to create a higher level salad experience.

MiniCrowns™, is our line specialty lettuces and other greens, harvested just after the first 3 or four leaves are formed on the very young plant.  The entire plant (also called the crown) is clipped intact, leaves still attached. Our MiniCrown varieties are great for adding a unique touch and can also be stuffed to create an ultra-fresh amuse buche.

edible_flMicro Flowers  is our latest innovation in edible flowers. These tiny jewel-like flowers are fantastic for even the smallest culinary creations. Perfect for adding tiny, yet intense splashes of color for salads, cocktails and desserts.